Our Business

Agriview ,founded in 1990, is a provider of market research and analysis systems to leading global, Australian and New Zealand manufacturers and distributors of agricultural and construction machinery and commercial grounds care equipment.


Mission Statement

To facilitate informed decision-making through the provision of high quality, relevant, user-oriented and dynamic statistical services by co-coordinating statistical activities and promoting the adherence to statistical standards.


Vision Statement

To be a leading provider of statistical information and market research with a commitment to industry, learning, innovation, and staff development.

  • Key Clients

    1. Leading global, Australian and New Zealand manufacturers and distributors including John Deere Limited, AGCO Australia, CNH Industrial and Kubota Australia.

    2. Agricultural, construction and grounds care dealers.

    3.Federal government departments including the Reserve Bank of Australia,(RBA) the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES).

  • Services We Offer

    1. Monthly industry retail sales data collection, processing,reporting and analysis at National, State, Regional or customized geographic area level.

    2. Specialised reporting based on key machinery variables such as engine power, drive and or transmission for Tractors. Machine Class for Combine Harvesters, Hay Balers by type and Commercial Out Front Mower by type.

    3.Creation of customised sales databases for incorporation into company own in-house reporting systems.

    4. Creation and maintenance of customised company web based portals for online access by company and dealer personal of market data and information.

    5. Interactive Google based mapping tools that allow interrogation of sales data by product type, specification and time period at geographic postcode level.

    6. Machinery specification databases for current and superseded product that has been sold in Australia since 1989.

    7. Annual sales survey for niche machinery sectors.

    8. Dealer distribution channel creation, monitoring and analysis.

  • The Machinery Sectors that we cover

    Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Balers, Hay Tools, Windrowers, Commercial Out Front Mowers and Tyre equipment.

Information we have

We have over 28 years of machinery sales data by make, model, specification by month, for tractors, combine harvesters and balers. Moreover We also have over 20 years of commercial out front mowers sales data.

Annual sales data.

Each year we collect sales for a range of machinery including Hay Tools and Windrowers sold in Australia. The information is collected based on agreed product segmentation with participating contributors.

Latest technology embraced

In the last 5 years we have invested heavily in upgrading our systems and services to ensure that we continue to provide a high standard of customer service and support.

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